Dear environment and frahling lovers,

Simplecoffee capsules have been developed to guarantee you the best taste without any bad conscience. The correct use of our product is very simple, but in case of any problems, we would like to help you with this.

Type of coffee

If you are dissatisfied with the taste, in most cases this is due to the type of coffee. Basically, we recommend the so-called Fine Grind Coffee, which is very finely ground. Here, it is important to note that not too much pressure is applied when tamping. If the coffee maker just drips when you use it, it is because not enough water is getting through. In this case, the coffee should be tamped less. Another indicator is also the density of the coffee powder. Of course, you can also use the so-called coarse grind coffee. Here, it is usually the case that the coffee is less strong than with the finer variant. Here you should not hesitate to put more pressure in the capsule as soon as the coffee seems too watery.

The tamping of the coffee powder

Pressing the coffee powder with the tamper is an important process to guarantee a good coffee. Even the taste can be influenced by this. Therefore, we recommend you try out how much pressure it takes to like your coffee best!

Amount of coffee

Normally, the best result is achieved when the capsule is not filled to the top with pressed coffee powder. In this case, it could lead to problems, because the water can no longer flow through optimally. In our opinion, the best result is achieved when you can still easily put on the lid of the capsule without exerting further pressure. Of course, you can again try out which variant suits you best and produces the tastiest coffee.


After the capsule has been used, you must wait a few minutes before removing it. This is because it has been heated during the process. You can then remove the capsule and rinse out the remaining coffee powder. It is important that there is no powder residue in the capsule before it dries again. Our capsules are also dishwasher safe, so you can clean them that way.