Simplecoffee - Caffitaly & Cafissimo reusable capsules

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Save up to 270$ per year



The Simplecoffee capsules are reusable and ecological.

They are compatible with Caffitaly & Cafissiomo coffee machines (as well as those from many other suppliers).

Order our reusable capsules instead of filling your trash can with disposable capsules. Our planet, your children and grandchildren will be grateful!
If this is your first order, we recommend the Starter Package (1capsule, tamper and spoon).


Easy to use: Fill your capsule with your favorite coffee and you are ready enjoy your coffee.

Ecological: Reuse your capsules and don't throw away hundreds of capsules every year.  

Reusable: Our capsules, thanks to their excellent quality, can be reused infinitely.

Save money: Save up to 270$ per year with Simplecoffee reusable capsules.  

Perfect for a gift:  You can give Simplecoffee capsules to a family member, environmentally conscious friend or any coffee lover. 

Healthy: Simplecoffee - capsules are made of stainless steel, without bisfenol A (BPA) or aluminum, which makes them non-toxic when hot, unlike the classic one-shot capsules. The carcinogenic element furlan has also been found in one-shot capsules. Our Simplecoffee capsules are 100% free of such substances.

Easy to clean: The capsules are very easy to clean and additionally dishwasher safe. 

Flexibel: Suitable for any powdered coffee.


  • Easy and efficient - In under ten seconds you have filled your capsule and inserted it into the machine.
  • Simply unique - Our coffee capsules are only available online and not in retail stores.
  • Perfect gift idea - Whether as a birthday present or for Christmas, the capsules will always go down well.
  • Love to the smallest detail - We from the Simplecoffee team manufacture the capsules with the greatest care and love to the smallest detail.
  • High quality - Quality is our number one priority.


    "Sure, the savings is not an unimportant factor, but mostly I am concerned with the waste that I can reduce as a result, a small drip - yet a contribution to the environment.
    I bought the premium set 2 weeks ago and.... suuuuuuper, even tea can be made easily with it! With coffee, care must be taken that it is not ground too fine, so medium fine.
    The preparation of coffee and tea is absolutely simple, but in the meantime has become a loving ceremony for me and the drinks taste "heavenly".
    I am so thrilled that I ordered another set and possibly this will not be the last."




    With more than 15 billion single-use capsules thrown away in 2018, we've made it our goal to reduce that number in the future. With Simplecoffee, disposable capsules are a thing of the past.

    Start your morning in the best possible way with a delicious coffee and the crystal clear knowledge that you are helping to improve the planet.

    Only together we can save the planet, so become a part of our family now and order today. Save money while helping to save the planet for future generations!



    Why are disposable coffee capsules a real problem?
    In 2018, more than 15 billion single-use capsules were thrown away, which equals more than 100 million kilograms of waste! Help us put an end to this environmental disaster.

    Do you only have capsules for Nespresso coffee machines?
    No, we also have compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto, Illy, Caffisimo and Lavazza machines.
    The machine pierces the classic capsule. Will the Simplecoffee capsule not be damaged?
    The capsule is designed so that there are enough holes through which the water can flow easily. It is made of stainless steel and therefore will not be damaged during the process.

    Will the capsule not damage the machine?
    No, many tests have been carried out and we have ensured that the pressure points of the machine are not subjected to excessive stress.

    How long do the capsules last?
    If you wash the capsules after each use, they will last a few years. The ones we use in our offices have lasted more than two years and they still work as if they were new.

    Is there a guarantee if the product does not work?
    Yes, we are confident in our product, so there is a 14-day money back guarantee.
    Can I use it for tea?
    Yes! You can put tea bags or dry tea into the capsule.


    Does Nespresso not recycle their capsules?

    First of all, we would like to remind you that reuse is always better than recycling. The latter requires a lot of energy and therefore still has a negative impact on the environment. Nespresso has recently decided to implement a recycling program. However, they only recycle 24% of their capsules to generate energy. Since the aluminum in their capsules requires a special alloy, only 0.1% of their capsules are made from other recycled capsules.

    Will my machine lose its warranty if I use your capsule?
    Absolutely not. Using our capsule is the same as using a compatible capsule from a brand like Lavazza or L'Or. The only difference is that our capsule does not generate waste.

    Does the capsule get hot during use?
    The capsule does indeed get hot after each use. You should wait 1 or 2 minutes before picking it up. However, you can grab it with a tool and hold it under running water to speed up the process.

    With which machines are our capsules compatible?

    • Caffitaly Classic
    • AID Ixpressi
    • Cafissimo Picco
    • Cafissimo Tuttocafe
    • Caffitaly S07
    • Tchibo Cafissimo DUO
    • Caffitaly S22
    • Cafissimo Pure
    • Caffitaly Ruby
    • Caffitaly S21
    • Cafissimo Compact
    • Cafissimo Mini
    • Cafissimo Latte
    • and many more...


    Not compatible machines: Caffitaly S06

    Cafissimo is a registered trademark which is not associated with Simplecoffee. We only use their name to indicate compatibility with our capsules.

    Cafissimo is a registered trademark which is not associated with Simplecoffee. We only use their name to indicate compatibility with our capsules.