Is coffee healthy?

1. Does the coffee deprive the body of fluid?
Often we hear different opinions whether coffee is healthy or harmful for our body. The rumor that coffee deprives the body of fluid was refuted by Antje Dahl of the German Society for Nutrition. Because the amount of water in the body compensates for the fluid that is withdrawn by coffee. Which is why the fluid you take in through coffee can also count as a normal fluid intake.

"Coffee doesn't dehydrate the body. I would already be dust otherwise." (Franz Kafka)

2. Caffeine:
What is caffeine, anyway? Caffeine is an alkaloid from the substance group of xanthines. It belongs to the psychoactive substances which has a stimulating effect.

What does caffeine do?

Caffeine passes through the blood-brain barrier practically unhindered through the brain into our nervous system, which has the consequence that our state of mind can be clearly elevated. The following points determine what effects caffeine has on our body

  • The contraction force of the heart increases
  • Pulse and blood pressure increase with irregular consumption
  • Dilatation of the peripheral blood vessels
  • The central nervous system is stimulated
  • The metabolism is stimulated

But how healthy or harmful is caffeine?

You don't have to worry, caffeine ensures that our body is deprived of pests. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has conducted several tests, which have been evaluated with the following result. Caffeine is harmless to the body even in daily use, unless the daily requirement of 200mg of caffeine per day is respected. For example, a cup of coffee containing 200ml has a caffeine content of about 80mg, which means that the daily coffee consumption is 2-3 cups. If the daily consumption exceeds the 200mg of caffeine, various side effects can occur, such as:

  • Increased urination.
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Sweating
  • nervousness

Can you lose weight with coffee?

This statement is true to a certain extent, because coffee improves metabolism. It makes the body produce more heat, which extracts more energy from the body and thus has a higher calorie consumption. The result is the body burns more fat, which can lead to weight loss. But experts advise against using coffee as a "diet miracle" because the side effects are too risky. Coffee can help lose weight, but a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, are much healthier for a diet. The process of weight loss is far too complex to limit it to one food.

Conclusion: Coffee provides your body with good fluids, can push you for a hard day or be used for a cozy afternoon with the best friends. We now know that coffee improves metabolism, which can lead to fat loss. However, we do not recommend to use it as a "diet miracle cure", but to use it for a hard day at work or for a nice get-together with your best friends.

Enjoy coffee, save money and protect the environment ~Simplecoffee

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